Wednesday, February 1, 2023

Robert Lightfoote Memorial Scholarship

Since 2009, Northern United Soccer Club has been proud to award Bob Lightfoote Memorial Scholarships to club members who are planning to attend college or to pursue other post-secondary education the following school year.  
The scholarships are named in honor of Mr. Robert Lightfoote of Queensbury who served as club registrar and coach for many years.


Applicant qualifications
-Must be pursuing post-secondary education in the autumn.
-Eligible applicants include graduating high school seniors, college freshmen, 1st year trade school students.
-Must have played with Northern United SC in the preceding two years. 
-Must not have played with another CDYSL club since last season with Northern United.
-Must not have won this award in the past

2023 award ($500)
-Application must be received by the club no later than April 30, 2024
-Contact for an application form.


Robert Lightfoote grew up on a dairy farm outside of Geneva, NY. Each day, surrounding school hours, he worked on the farm, never having a chance to join any sports team, which he longed to do. After graduating high school, he went to college at Cornell University in Ithaca, NY. He spent a year of college in Mexico City, where he learned to play soccer. After college, Bob joined the Peace Corps, and was sent to Colombia, near Bogota to teach locals agricultural methods. His love of soccer grew over the years in Colombia, where it was this was a main form of entertainment for young men in the area.

When he settled down in Queensbury, NY to raise a family his wife Diane, he began to dedicate his life to helping our community just as he had aided communities in Latin America. This time, he would do it as a business administrator, working for years at Glens Falls Hospital in the mental health unit, and later, working for Warren County, trying to help set up programs for those dealing with drug addiction, homelessness, or abuse in our area.

As his children grew, he encouraged them to join Adirondack Soccer Club (now Northern United), and very soon, he became a coach, a job which he performed with a true joy and dedication. Bob wanted to help the youth of the area to grow up embracing healthy fun and the spirit of the game. He worked to raise up the people of this area, bringing help to those in need and encouraging mental and physical health in his community.


2009: Ryan Conklin (Glens Falls HS)

2010: Spencer Thibault (Lake George 

2011: Caroline Murphy (Lake George 

2012: Mackenzie Perkett (Lake George 

2013: Mason Vreugde (Lake George 

2014: Evan Brooks (South Glens Falls 
HS) and Emily Lindsay (Lake George HS)

2015: Jessica Quay (Lake George 
HS) and Patrick Resse (Glens Falls HS)

2016: Nate Wilhelm (home schooled), Elizabeth Spada (South Glens Falls HS), Kerry Walker (Lake George HS), Kellen Wolfe (Glens Falls HS)

2017: Geoff Barber (South Glens Falls HS)

2018: Jacab Helms (Lake George HS) and Tarak Patel (South Glens Falls HS)

2019: Liam Keating (Argyle HS)
2020: Allison White (Corinth HS) 

2021: Clayton Wilhelm (home schooled)

2022: Tyler Cook (Hudson Falls HS)
2023: Bradley Erceg (Lake George HS) and Brandon Benson (Hartford HS)